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TDX Frontend - HDMI [Encoder modul]

HDMI encoder module
The HDMI encoder module converts digital audio and video signals from a set top box, a DVD player, a camera, laptop or other sources, into a MPEG data stream. This data stream is then HDMIlaibable in the TDX pool and can be sent out on all TDX output modules.

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EAN Number5702664920308


Connector INHDMI female (Type A)
Input TypeHDMI (HDCP compliant)


Physical InterfaceHDMI


Input video standards720x480i30, 720x480p60, 720x576i25, 720x576p50, 1080x720p50, 1280x720p60, 1920x1080i25, 1920x1080i30, 1920x1080p25, 1920x1080p30
Audio embeddedAAC, 48 kHz/MPEG-2(L1)
Output TypeMPEG (Serial) transport stream (LVDS)
Output Video CodecMPEG-2/MPEG-4
Output Video Codec Settings (CBR) 3...11 á 1 Mbps


DC Operating voltage 12 ± 1 VDC
DC Current consumption < 320 mA
Temperature - storage -20 ..70 °C
Humidity - storage 10...90 %


Weight (kg) TB(D) 0.5 kg
Packaging Height 0.040 m
Packaging Width 0.070 m
Packaging Depth 0.160 m
Packaging Volume 0.000 m3
Net Weight 0.050 kg
Tara Weight 0.000 kg
Total Weight 0.050 kg
RemarksUse high quality 3D HDMI cable only - art. no. 153420 HDMI cable - 2m Note 1: Will NOT allow Protected content. Note 2: Configured bandwidth covers video, audio, and overhead for streaming fluctuations. Equivalent video bitrate will be approximately 25% below selected bandwidth.