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TDcH IP-out license

To distribute IPTV signals out from the TDcH you will need a SFP adapter (article number: 492086) and a IP-out activation license key. The license activates the IP-out functionality and is not based on service quantity. Maximum services at one TDcH is 100 IP-out services (TV and Radio) or maximum output bandwidth of 950 Mbit. All TDcH headends are able to activate the IP-out functionality via a license key. The license can be get online via the PRT tool.  

Supported IP-out features of the TDcH:

  • LCN (Logical Channel Numbering) for IPTV services discovery
  • SID and TSID management
  • PID management
  • Real time output load measurement
  • Service Discovery protocols (M3U, M3Ue, M3Uepp, XSPF)
  • EPG for IP-out services. EIT for current service inside the SPTS streamed via UDP/RTP multicast direct to the TV set or as Samsung EPG XML for Samsung SINC or REACH server.


  • Number of IP output streams:  max. 100 SPTS
  • Interface: 1 x 1000 Base-T SFP
  • Protocols:
    • IEEE802.3 Ethernet
    • SPTS Streaming (VBR) including PAT, SDT, PMT, CAT and EIT
    • Multicast UDP and RTP MPEG Transport Stream via IP Protocol
    • 7 TS packets pr. Ethernet packet
  • Ethernet IP packet format: MPEG
  • IP-Bitrate: max. 950 Mbit/s at SFP interface for all SPTS streams
  • PID-Filtering and Remapping: Yes
  • TTL: 1-255 (default 16)
  • EIT: Inside SPTS for current service
  • XML EPG: EPG data in XML format as specified by Samsung
  • Configurable language and Maturity Rating Country for XML EPG


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