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TOM 08 M, Opto SwitchMaster 8 way

TOM 08 M, Opto SwitchMaster 8 way

The Opto-Multiswitch combines the Optical-to-Electrical Re-converter with an integrated Multiswitch in a sophisticated way.

The Opto Multiswitch features a built-in optical-to-coaxial Re-converter. All SAT-IF bands along with Terrestrial signals are
available on every output. The SAT-IF bands are choosen from the SAT receivers controlled by DiSEqC format.

The Opto SwitchMaster is the standalone base for reception of one SAT position and terrestrial broadcast signals.
The TOM 08 M provides 8 outputs where the SAT receivers can be connected directly

Reception can be extended to 2, 3 or 4 satellites by plugging additional Opto SwitchSlave units into the Opto SwitchMaster.

  • Smart installation with cascadable master & slave units.
  • All-in-one Receiver, Converter & Multiswitch.
  • Compatible with the Optical LNB TOL 32 / TOL 64 or Optical IRS 1 which includes TER (DTT, DAB, FM).
  • Very compact form factor and reliable disign on base of the new chip set in ASIC technology.
  • Ideal for SAT FTTH/FTTB networks because of easy and space-saving installation without any coaxial patch cables
    between re-convertrer and multi-switch.
  • Easy upgrade for receptionn of more than one satellite position.
  • Included desk top PSU, only for Master necessary.
  • Capability of Frequency Morphing by software to adapt to other SAT standards in world.


EAN Number5702663076976


Optical input power -12...-3 (TOL32, TOU232) / -14...-3 (TOL64) dBm


Wavelength 1100...1650 nm
Output level SAT 75 dBµV
Output level TER 69 dBµV
Horizontal High band (4.4 to 5.45 GHz) 1100...2150 (>15.5V 22KHz) MHz
Vertical High band (1.95 to 3.0 GHz) 1100...2150 (>14.5V 22KHz) MHz
Horizontal Low band (3.4 to 4.4 GHz) 950...1950 (>15.5V) MHz
Vertical Low band (0.95 to 1.95 GHz) 950...1950 (>14.5V) MHz
AGC (Automatic Gain Control) 30 dB


Output connectors8 x F
Connector INOptical - FC/PC
Connector OUTF-male / F-female (x8)


Impedance 75 Ω


RF frequency range, horizontal polarities 3.4...5.45 GHz
RF frequency range, vertical polarities 0.95...3.0 GHz
TER frequency range DTT 470...854 MHz
TER frequency range DAB 174...241 MHz
TER frequency range FM 88...108 MHz


Return Loss >10 dB


AC Supply voltage 100...240 VAC
DC Operating voltage 12 VDC
DC Current consumption 1200 mA
PSU/adapter INFOIncluded Euro Plug (CEE 7/17)
Temperature - operating -20...50 °C


Dimensions product (H x D x W) 227 x 138 x 67.5 mm
Packing QTY1
Packaging Height 0.080 m
Packaging Width 0.310 m
Packaging Depth 0.110 m
Packaging Volume 0.003 m3
Net Weight 1.750 kg
Tara Weight 0.050 kg
Total Weight 1.800 kg
RemarksOutput TER on ports 1...8