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TOL 32 - Optical SAT Fullband LNB, 32-way

TOL 32

The TRIAX TOL32 Optical LNB is a high quality, high performance universal LNB, that, in addition to excellent LNB performance, provides a 1310 nm wideband optical output where all four satellite polarities are stacked into one frequency range (950-5450 MHz). Using modern laser technology this frequency range can be transmitted via a single laser over a very large distance, at a link budget that can sustain splitting into 32 ways.

This allows a system setup that can drive a fairly large Passive Optical Network (PON) before the signal is finally fed into a number of optical re-converters for traditional coax distribution. The stacking/de-stacking technology provides a very cost efficient solution, as a single laser carries the full four satellite polarities in one optical cable. This, in contrast to traditional fibre optical solutions that require one laser per polarity, is a substantial cost saving, without compromising satellite signals, range nor quality.

This means that not only is the investment into fibre optical cables kept at an absolute minimum, the full PON benefit from the same savings too. The Optical LNB is DC power sourced via a coax cable and an F-connector. Power supply is included in the kit. A high-quality FC/PC type fibre optical connector is used for optimum outdoor performance.


EAN Number5702663076105


Optical output level (nom. @ 25 °C) 7 dBm
Optical budget for PON (max.) 19.0 dB
Optical splitting in PON (max.)32


LNB typeOpto
Wavelength 1310 nm
Laser class1M
Feedhorn diameter 40 mm
Reception frequency range 10.7 - 12.75 GHz
Reception polarizationhorizontal & vertical
SAT-IF vertical band, stacked VL + VH 0.950 - 3.0 GHz
SAT-IF horizontal band, stacked HL + HH 3.4 - 5.45 GHz
L.O. frequency, vertical 9.75 GHz
L.O. frequency, horizontal 7.3 GHz
Image frequency rejection (min.) 40 dB
Spurious in SAT-IF band -25 dBc
Fibre link distance max. (subject to PON loss) 10 km


Connector OUTOptical - FC/PC
Connector power supplyF-female


Gain 62 - 72 dB
Noise figure (typical) 0.5 dB


Cross polar isolation (typ.) 30 dB


DC Operating voltage 12 VDC
DC Current consumption < 450 mA
PSU/adapter INFOIncluded Euro Plug (CEE 7/17)
PSU/adapter Art number307658 (TPS322-12Vdc/0.5A)
Temperature - operating -30 ...60 °C
Temperature - storage -40 ...70 °C


Dimensions product (H x D x W) 173 x 108 x 68 mm
Product Height 175 mm
Product Width 113 mm
Product Depth 50 mm
Packaging Height 0.084 m
Packaging Width 0.185 m
Packaging Depth 0.115 m
Packaging Volume 0.002 m3
Net Weight 0.758 kg
Tara Weight 0.051 kg
Total Weight 0.809 kg