TMB 1500 Terrestrial Channel Processor

TRIAX TMB 1500 Terrestrial Channel Processor
The revolution in Programmable Multiband Amplifiers

The programmable Terrestrial Channel Processor TMB 1500 is able to receive TV signals from multiple terrestrial antennas. It combines filtering, converting, level equalization and amplifying of broadcast channels - all this within a very compact unit in order to boost the sum signal into the coaxial TV distribution network in multi-dwellings or hospitality premises.


  • 4 antenna inputs: FM / DAB-VHF / 2xUHF
  • Flex matrix with 15 filters per 1...6 MUX for individual channel processing to any output channel
  • Real-time AGC separately on all multiplexes
  • 50 dB suppression of adjacent channels
  • Automatic switch between LTE 700-5G and 800-4G rejection
  • Option to compensate cable tilt by reducing FM and DAB-VHF output level compared to UHF level
  • Setup locking with security code
  • Switchable remote feeding for pre-amplifiers 0/12/24 VDC
  • Desk top PSU with Euro mains plug


EAN Nummer5702663602311


Impedans 75 Ω


Antal indgange1xFM 1xDAB/VHF 2xUHF
Antal udgange1x FM/DAB/VHF/UHF + 1x Test port


Frekvensområde FM 88...108 MHz
Frekvensområde DAB 174...240 MHz
Frekvens område VHF 174...240 MHz
Frekvens område UHF 470...862 MHz
Antal kanaler> 50 by 15 filters
LTE beskyttelseAuto: 694/790/OFF


Forstærkning FM 35 dB
Forstærkning - VHF 60 dB
Forstærkning - UHF 60 dB
Slope 9 dB


MER 35 dB
Indgangsniveau - FM 37...77 dBµV
Indgangsniveau - VHF 45...109 dBµV
Indgangsniveau - UHF 45...109 dBµV
Udgangsniveau FM 113 dBµV
Udgangsniveau @ 60dB IMR3 - UHF 115 dBµV
Udgangsniveau @ 60dB IMR3 - VHF 115 dBµV
Udgangsniveau VHF/UHF 1MUX 108 dBµV
Udgangsniveau VHF/UHF 15MUX 105 dBµV
Selektivitet 50 dB/1MHz
Test Punkt - 30 dB


Attenuator FM 0...20 dB
Attenuator Sum udgang 0...20 dB


AC Driftsspænding 100...240 VAC
Effektforbrug (typ.) 12 W
PSU/adapter INFOInkluderet Euro Plug (CEE 7/17)
RemoteVoltagePreampCLDI2020 12/24 VDC
Temperatur - drift -5...50 °C


Dimensioner produkt (H x D x B) 165 x58 x165 mm
Pakke str.1
Produkt Højde 164 mm
Produkt Bredde 167 mm
Produkt Dybde 153 mm
Pakkehøjde 0.073 m
Pakkebredde 0.270 m
Pakkedybde 0.228 m
Pakkerumfang 0.004 m3
Nettovægt 0.776 kg
Taravægt 0.254 kg
Totalvægt 1.030 kg