TDH 889 - Sweden PAL HD

PRE-CONFIGURED TDH 800 headend packages

The pre-configured TDH 800 packages offer plug & play installations and remote access – reducing installers´ configuration, installation and service time. Order the packages with one number and mount the headend, connect the satellite signals to the inputs and connect the output to the distribution network.

This saves the complete configuration part and testing to be sure that the output channels are not overloaded.

Saves time – saves money – increase margin.

  • The TDH 800 packages have one order number. This makes the order handling fast and easy.
  • All Modules are mounted in the main unit and the complete package is shipped in the main unit gift box, which means less transport volume and less packaging material.
  • The complete headend (inclusive modules ) is updated to the letest software release.
  • Country specific pre-configuration file, which will also be tested.
  • PID Management is included in all packages if the costumer registers the solution and agrees to a basic SLA. In this case he will get the PID activation keys for free. This means support of service changes at the output without retuning all televisions. 

TDH 800 benefits

The TDH 800 headend was designed as a compact and functional headend solution specifically for the hospitality market, enabling unrivalled price and performance when considering the full value of ownership for the hotel and the integrator. The system offers plug & play installations and remote access – reducing configuration, installation and service time. The TRIAX headend TDH 800 supports the newest technologies and industry standards, and can easily be re-configured and adapted to new location and installation requirements.


EAN Nummer5702666928890


Dimensioner produkt (H x D x B) 265 x 240 x 440 mm
Pakke str.1
Pakkehøjde 0.390 m
Pakkebredde 0.550 m
Pakkedybde 0.330 m
Pakkerumfang 0.071 m3
Nettovægt 10.120 kg
Taravægt 1.460 kg
Totalvægt 11.580 kg


AC Driftsspænding 190...260 (50/60hz) VAC
Effektforbrug (typ.) 280 W
Temperatur - drift -10...50 °C
Fugtighed - drift 20...80 %