Tyrstrup Kro

TV just like home

Now guests control their own entertainment with TRIAX Cast

Charming Tyrstrup Kro in Southern Jutland are proud to offer a complete guest experience. However, they wanted to improve the in-room entertainment they offered, as many guests watched content on their own devices.

Therefore, Tyrstrup Kro chose to look for a Cast solution. With a reliable TRIAX headend installed for many years, it was natural to choose TRIAX Cast.

TRIAX Cast offers guests a true home-from-home experience by letting them watch their favourite content on the in-room TV’s.

The hotel attracts a wide variety of age groups and it was important that the system is easy and intuitive.

”We need something that works. It must work every single time, and it must be so that different age groups can also use it themselves. We shouldn’t constantly have to go to the room and instruct – and the guests can do it on their own with TRIAX Cast. We are very pleased with that”
Torben Schulz, Owner, Tyrstrup Kro.

Buchwald Radio installed the Cast solution in spring 2022 in all 27 rooms.

The cast solution is installed discreetly behind the TV’s in all rooms, and TRIAX CastLock protects hardware from theft and tampering. And it is important that protection of the components is part of the solution.

”It’s a problem when guests tampers with something. It doesn’t have to be children, children comes in all ages. Then we have the problem when the next guests have to stay and things don’t work. But this is secured in the best possible way”
Torben Schulz, Owner, Tyrstrup Kro.


"We have always used TRIAX. The support has been amazing, the cooperation is amazing. There is always help – always."

—Torben Buchwald, Installer, Buchwald Radio

Better WiFi – no new cables
TRIAX EoC also upgraded the WiFi coverage at the hotel to a Gigabit connection. This supports the TRIAX Cast solution with strong, reliable WiFi in all rooms, and it also makes the new Gigabit bandwidth connection at the hotel come to full use.

The hotel is always busy with an occupancy rate above 90% and it was important that guest services were not affected, while installing WiFi.

A major benefit of TRIAX EoC is that no new cables had to be installed. With EoC, the installation of the 14 WiFi Endpoints was easy and discreet, without rooms being out of service during installation.

Guests have welcomed the upgrade of the connection.

“The guests now praise our WiFi and it always receives top marks in our reviews, which didn’t happen previously”
Torben Schulz, Owner, Tyrstrup Kro.

"We shouldn’t constantly have to go to the room and instruct – and the guests can do it on their own with TRIAX Cast. We are very pleased with that."

—Torben Schulz, Owner, Tyrstrup Kro

Installation details

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6580 Vamdrup
+45 75 58 12 33
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Tyrstrup Kro
Tyrstrup Vestervej 6
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  • TRIAX Cast in 27 rooms
  • 14 EoC Endpoints and a controller
  • TDX already installed