The New TRIAX Multiswitch 5 Pro Series

TRIAX has recently added the single multiswitch 5 Pro series to its multiswitch portfolio. We spoke to Thierry Baumann, TRIAX Group Product Manager, about this.


What are the distinguishing factors of TRIAX multiswitches as a whole?

During development, we took into account feedback from users – especially the many installers who install TRIAX multiswitches. This makes them very reliable and offers a lot of flexibility. It is also practical that they fit together like building blocks and offer enough space to conveniently attach connectors. In addition, the multiswitches can be switched to active/passive terrestrial. This gives the installer more flexibility in stock-keeping. We are not afraid to give our customers a 6-year product guarantee for the multiswitches – we are simply convinced of the high quality.

What is new with the 5 Pro single multi-switches?

Due to the 22GHz generator, they can be used with Quattro and Quad LNBs and have a low power consumption. In addition, the input levels can be controlled and adjusted here – for larger systems with 24 or 32 output switches, this also applies to the output levels.

When should an installer choose a Pro Series multi-switch?

We recommend the single multiswitches 5 Pro especially for more complex installations, e.g. for several floors, larger residential complexes or hotels with many receivers. Here, the multi-switch plays a decisive role in the signal distribution. It amplifies the reception signals and distributes them to the outputs. If the input level is too low, the picture or sound quality may be poor. If the input level is too high, the picture and sound are often distorted. With the correct setting of the output level, an even signal distribution to all connected end devices can be ensured – a brilliant TV experience with clear picture and sound.


And if there are any additional questions?

If you need help with a complex installation please call us or send a mail. Our field service can also answer most questions about choosing the right multi-switch. And if things get a little more tricky, our specialists in the support team will be happy to help.


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