IP Over Coax

5 common concerns and how to overcome them

Knud Madsen

Group Product Manager

Dear IT Partner,

You’re confident building IP networks, but building them over coax? We understand – you might have some doubts.

In fact, it’s much easier than you’d think. While the cables may differ, the performance, reliability, setup and terminology is just the same as you’re used to.

So, we’ve listed a few of the common concerns with IP over Coax that IT professionals have, and offer our answers below.

1. A professional IP network should be made with CAT cables and switches

That’s how it traditionally was, until a reliable, high speed and future-ready solution was developed for IP over Coax. TRIAX’s G.hn technology meets all the demands of a modern IP network, and realising an IP network with TRIAX EoC is faster, more environmentally friendly and cost effective.

2. Only newer coax installations are capable of delivering a decent IP connection

TRIAX G.hn technology not only offers a reliable gigaspeed IP connection, but the technology is so robust, it’s easy to install even on 50-year-old coax installations.

3. It’s complicated and requires a lot of coax-skills to install a TRIAX EoC solution

Essentially, the TRIAX EoC solution works as a typical Layer 2 IP Switch, and installs in a similar way. The system is developed as an IT product. It has the look and feel of an IT product, and the technical terms are the same as you’re used to. It just uses a coax cable as the ‘connection media’.

4. But… on coax networks TV signals are also transmitted. What about these – and how to cope with this?

In a TRIAX EoC solution, both TV services and gigaspeed IP services co-exist without any problem. You don’t have to worry – the system secures a perfect split and co-existence. The coax network is actually very powerful: offering gigaspeed IP connection and several hundred TV channels is no problem.

5. Do I have to make a complicated site survey, and how do I make sure that no unforeseen expenses arise if I’m not a coax specialist?

A site survey prior to installation is always recommended. With the special TRIAX Network Analyser Tool, this part is made easy – even if you don’t have too much experience with coax networks. This will also help you reveal any issues in the coax network and thus avoid unexpected additions to your offer to the end customer.

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IP Over Coax

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