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Boost revenue and ratings with quick, reliable WiFi.

Save time and costs with a future-ready network over the cables you already have.

Fast, reliable WiFi

Secure solution with a dedicated network for each hut.


Enough bandwidth to satisfy guests’ ever-increasing connectivity demands.


Minimal disruption and no need for expensive re-cabling projects.

Reliable Guest WiFi

Better WiFi, better reviews

Bad WiFi is every guest’s nightmare. It makes them leave bad online reviews.

Let nightmares be a thing of the past: we deliver reliable internet to every holiday cottage, using the TV cables you already have.

Coverage is complete across your campsite and no huts are out of action during installation.

TRIAX Ethernet over Coax + WiFi won’t let you down, so you won’t let your customers down.

Case studies

Find out how our seamlessly integrated TRIAX solutions are helping customers achieve their business goals worldwide.

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The best entertainment you can give to your guests...

...is the entertainment they bring from home

We make this possible for a fraction of the price and none of the installation disruption.

IPTV, no new cables
Support & Service

A helping hand

Our service and support team are on hand with fast, hassle-free service and the answers to your technical questions.

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Project Planning

Guidance if you need it

Our project planning team creates system plans so you don’t have to.

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