First-class TV reception and comprehensive WLAN for residents, visitors and employees

Nowadays, many senior citizens not only intensively use many different TV channels for information and entertainment, but also the Internet as a matter of course. Especially in nursing homes and other inpatient facilities, this is often indispensable for them as one of their remaining contacts “to the world” as such.

DiaCom Altenhilfe in Eschwege is a non-profit organisation belonging to Diakonie Deutschland and offers outpatient services as well as 150 places in two inpatient care facilities. For some time now, the operators and residents have wanted not only to offer better TV reception in the facilities, but also to make Internet access and WLAN available in the individual rooms.


Detailed inventory and concept development

TRIAX system integrator DIGICOM was commissioned to develop a solution concept. The task was not an easy one, as the existing NE4 antenna system had been repeatedly extended by various installation companies over the years in order to adapt it to the growing demand due to the increasing number of rooms and flats in the facility. In addition, 40% of the residents were still using outdated cable receivers or tube sets.
Precise documentation of the infrastructure was also not available and had to be created first.


Comprehensive solution with satellite TV system and EoC

A comprehensive and sustainable approach was therefore needed right from the evaluation and planning phase. DIGICOM first had to take stock of the situation. On this basis, an exact measurement for TV and Internet was then made and a planning proposal submitted:
A professional satellite TV system with TRIAX TDcH headend systems and a WLAN solution via the TV cable (Ethernet over Coax + WiFi) with In Touch Portal and In Touch Local Access ensure first-class TV reception and area-wide WLAN for residents, visitors and staff in almost 150 rooms!


Best user experience and cost savings

In addition to the completely new user experience for residents and staff, there is also a major cost saving for the operator DiaCom: DiaCom saves about EUR 4,500 in cable TV fees every month due to the independence gained with the satellite system. As a result, a return on investment is expected within 8 years. Solution concepts are also to be implemented in other DiaCom homes in the near future. In the future, additional services can be offered with the TRIAX solution in the premium segment.

“Thanks to the competent advice from DIGICOM and the first-class materials and project management from TRIAX GmbH, we not only have a reliable WIFI network, but also save on the monthly fees for cable television. The work was carried out cleanly and quickly and thanks to the innovative TRIAX-EoC solution, there was no need for time-consuming conversion work.”

Torsten Rost – Managing Director DiaCom Altenpflege gGmbH