DiaCom case study

First-class TV reception and comprehensive WLAN for residents, visitors and employees

Nowadays, many senior citizens not only intensively use many different TV channels for information and entertainment, but also the Internet as a matter of course. Especially in nursing homes and other inpatient facilities, this is often indispensable for them as one of their remaining contacts “to the world” as such.

DiaCom Altenhilfe in Eschwege is a non-profit organisation belonging to Diakonie Deutschland and offers outpatient services as well as 150 places in two inpatient care facilities. For some time now, the operators and residents have wanted not only to offer better TV reception in the facilities, but also to make Internet access and WLAN available in the individual rooms.


Detailed inventory and concept development

TRIAX system integrator DIGICOM was commissioned to develop a solution concept. The task was not an easy one, as the existing NE4 antenna system had been repeatedly extended by various installation companies over the years in order to adapt it to the growing demand due to the increasing number of rooms and flats in the facility. In addition, 40% of the residents were still using outdated cable receivers or tube sets.
Precise documentation of the infrastructure was also not available and had to be created first.


Comprehensive solution with satellite TV system and EoC

A comprehensive and sustainable approach was therefore needed right from the evaluation and planning phase. DIGICOM first had to take stock of the situation. On this basis, an exact measurement for TV and Internet was then made and a planning proposal submitted:
A professional satellite TV system with TRIAX TDcH headend systems and a WLAN solution via the TV cable (Ethernet over Coax + WiFi) with In Touch Portal and In Touch Local Access ensure first-class TV reception and area-wide WLAN for residents, visitors and staff in almost 150 rooms!


Best user experience and cost savings

In addition to the completely new user experience for residents and staff, there is also a major cost saving for the operator DiaCom: DiaCom saves about EUR 4,500 in cable TV fees every month due to the independence gained with the satellite system. As a result, a return on investment is expected within 8 years. Solution concepts are also to be implemented in other DiaCom homes in the near future. In the future, additional services can be offered with the TRIAX solution in the premium segment.

“Thanks to the competent advice from DIGICOM and the first-class materials and project management from TRIAX GmbH, we not only have a reliable WIFI network, but also save on the monthly fees for cable television. The work was carried out cleanly and quickly and thanks to the innovative TRIAX-EoC solution, there was no need for time-consuming conversion work.”

Torsten Rost – Managing Director DiaCom Altenpflege gGmbH

Tyrstrup Kro

Case Studies

TV just like home

Now guests control their own entertainment with TRIAX Cast

Charming Tyrstrup Kro in Southern Jutland are proud to offer a complete guest experience. However, they wanted to improve the in-room entertainment they offered, as many guests watched content on their own devices.

Therefore, Tyrstrup Kro chose to look for a Cast solution. With a reliable TRIAX headend installed for many years, it was natural to choose TRIAX Cast.

TRIAX Cast offers guests a true home-from-home experience by letting them watch their favourite content on the in-room TV’s.

The hotel attracts a wide variety of age groups and it was important that the system is easy and intuitive.

”We need something that works. It must work every single time, and it must be so that different age groups can also use it themselves. We shouldn’t constantly have to go to the room and instruct – and the guests can do it on their own with TRIAX Cast. We are very pleased with that”
Torben Schulz, Owner, Tyrstrup Kro.

Buchwald Radio installed the Cast solution in spring 2022 in all 27 rooms.

The cast solution is installed discreetly behind the TV’s in all rooms, and TRIAX CastLock protects hardware from theft and tampering. And it is important that protection of the components is part of the solution.

”It’s a problem when guests tampers with something. It doesn’t have to be children, children comes in all ages. Then we have the problem when the next guests have to stay and things don’t work. But this is secured in the best possible way”
Torben Schulz, Owner, Tyrstrup Kro.


"We have always used TRIAX. The support has been amazing, the cooperation is amazing. There is always help – always."

—Torben Buchwald, Installer, Buchwald Radio

Better WiFi – no new cables
TRIAX EoC also upgraded the WiFi coverage at the hotel to a Gigabit connection. This supports the TRIAX Cast solution with strong, reliable WiFi in all rooms, and it also makes the new Gigabit bandwidth connection at the hotel come to full use.

The hotel is always busy with an occupancy rate above 90% and it was important that guest services were not affected, while installing WiFi.

A major benefit of TRIAX EoC is that no new cables had to be installed. With EoC, the installation of the 14 WiFi Endpoints was easy and discreet, without rooms being out of service during installation.

Guests have welcomed the upgrade of the connection.

“The guests now praise our WiFi and it always receives top marks in our reviews, which didn’t happen previously”
Torben Schulz, Owner, Tyrstrup Kro.

"We shouldn’t constantly have to go to the room and instruct – and the guests can do it on their own with TRIAX Cast. We are very pleased with that."

—Torben Schulz, Owner, Tyrstrup Kro

Installation details

Buchwald Radio
Østergade 15
6580 Vamdrup
+45 75 58 12 33
Visit website

Tyrstrup Kro
Tyrstrup Vestervej 6
+45 74561242
Visit website


  • TRIAX Cast in 27 rooms
  • 14 EoC Endpoints and a controller
  • TDX already installed

New Barns Caravan Park

Case Studies

Reliable WiFi & TV for all

The outstanding natural environment has long attracted visitors to New Barns, a caravan park near Arnside, Cumbria, nestled in abundant woodland overlooking an estuary.

Yet it was just this environment that caused the park owners many technical challenges in providing park members satisfactory TV reception and WiFi connectivity.

Some holiday homeowners had installed their own TV reception equipment, resulting in safety concerns around the site. TRIAX IRS equipment standardised TV reception site-wide, while removing the self-installed equipment resolved the safety issues and improved park aesthetics.

Today’s park members expect good WiFi no longer as a luxury but an essential amenity, and this was not provided by the existing installation.

The TRIAX EoC (Ethernet over Coax) installation provided the reliable WiFi connectivity needed, resulting in:

  • Quick, cost-saving installation: no new cables needed
  • Maximum WiFi coverage: dedicated access point in each holiday home
  • Increased saleability of holiday homes due to improved infrastructure

“For the first time in our history we can firmly say we have a reliably fast service that works extremely well for all. The TRIAX equipment is second to none and certainly worth the investment.”

— Robert & Darren Barber
Owners, New Barns Caravan Park

“Good and stable… fast and reliable.”

“Without doubt far superior… we are delighted with the improvements afforded by the TRIAX solution.”

“The new high-speed internet is excellent. We currently have our TV and 4 iPads connected at any one time; the system does not lag or affect our usage.”

— A selection of quotes from satisfied holiday homeowners

New Barns Caravan Park, family run since the 1940s, is located just outside the village of Arnside, Cumbria, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


New Barns Caravan Park
New Barns, Arnside,
Cumbria LA5 0BN, UK
email: info@newbarnscaravanpark.co.uk
phone: +44 (0)1524 762213

Außenansicht Studierendenwerk Mainz

Better TV for Studierendenwerk Mainz halls of residence

Studierendenwerk Mainz

More channel variety and cost savings

Studierendenwerk Mainz offers support to around 39,000 students in Mainz and Bingen. This includes various advisory services as well as the operation of refectories and cafeterias. In 10 residential complexes, there are also around 4,000 places available to local students and students who complete their semester abroad at the University of Mainz.

“TRIAX understands what is important. The expandability combined with the low maintenance costs speak for TRIAX headends.”

— Wolfgang Kerz
Antennen Redmann GmbH, Mainz

Modern satellite TV systems for all residential complexes

Studierendenwerk Mainz had previously been supplied with TV services via cable and satellite. In order to keep costs under control, the Studierendenwerk decided to modernise the existing satellite systems in order to save on cable fees. In addition, satellite reception via Astra 28° was made possible. As a result, a greater variety of programmes can now be offered in English.

In each hall of residence, a satellite system was installed to receive the positions Astra 19.2°E, Hotbird 13°E and Astra 28.2°E. The satellite signals are converted into DVB-C with a TDH 800 headend and fed into the existing cable networks.
Thanks to TDH 800’s pool technology and multiplexing, it is possible to combine TV channels from various satellites efficiently and cost-effectively in a few DVB-C channels, especially for more extensive installations. In addition, the distribution networks were reviewed, partially renewed and re-measured.

Wallstr. Sat-Aufbereitung

Extensive TV offer

With all installations complete, a wide range of German and international TV programmes can now be offered in all halls of residence. Analogue or pixelated television images are a thing of the past. The virtually maintenance-free TDH 800 headends, with their low power consumption, keep the operating costs for the Mainz student plant within limits. In addition, the monthly costs for cable TV could be saved.


Antennen Redmann GmbH
Weberstr. 2
55130 Mainz

Contact: Wolfgang Kerz

Studierendenwerk Mainz AöR
Staudingerweg 21
55128 Mainz

Contact: Jan Fischer

Karl-Benz-Str. 10
72124 Pliezhausen

Contact: Patrick Kohl / Thomas Pretz

First-class TV and WiFi for clinic patients

Kliniken Schmieder

First-class TV reception and full WiFi coverage for patients of Kliniken Schmieder

To make patients’ stays as pleasant as possible, the management of Kliniken Schmieder decided to equip all their sites with a reliable and future-proof satellite TV and WiFi solution.

“Thanks to the good cooperation with TRIAX partner ‘the-company.de’ and the TRIAX team, the installation could be implemented quickly and smoothly. The feedback from our patients on the extended services is extremely positive.”

— Edgar Mattes
Head of IT, Kliniken Schmieder

Kliniken Schmieder clinics in Baden-Württemberg
Since 1950, Kliniken Schmieder has been a renowned quality leader of neurological rehabilitation in Germany. Every year, around 2,200 employees at six locations in Baden-Württemberg treat around 14,000 neurological patients of all severity.

Successful evaluation of the first demo installations

After a detailed examination of the underlying conditions at the Konstanz and Gailingen clinics on Lake Constance, an initial plan for a demo installation of a WiFi solution based on the coaxial infrastructure (Ethernet over Coax + WiFi) was designed together with TRIAX partner ‘the-company.de’ and implemented in March 2021.

Together with the IT department and facility management, the technical concept for comprehensive patient WiFi was established after the successful evaluation phase and extended with an In Touch TV Portal solution. With the In Touch solution, it is possible to offer private patients a more extensive TV offer including Sky channels, and to implement in-house channels.

State-of-the-art headend technology for the Konstanz and Gailingen clinics

For each location, a TDcH compact headend is used to convert the free-to-air satellite transmissions into DVB-C. In addition, there was a TDX headend for the subscribed Sky channels as well as Kliniken Schmieder’s in-house and information channels. For this purpose, DS Players were connected via two HDMI input modules.

The administration and control of the information channels is carried out via the In Touch management tool. The DVB-C output signals of both headends are fed into the networks of the respective locations.

Comfortable guest and patient network for different needs

For the patient and guest WiFi, EoC Coax WiFi End Points and an EoC MediaConverter were connected to the coaxial network in each room. This means that a comprehensive WiFi signal can now be provided, along with IPTV in private rooms. As a result, around 200 rooms at each of the locations in Konstanz and Gailingen can now be supplied with WiFi signals. The control and management of the End Points and MediaConverters, as well as the IP signal feed into the coaxial network, is carried out via EoC Controllers which were installed in server rooms at the two sites. The End Points and MediaConverters in private rooms were assigned to a separate configuration group in order to provide an extended channel list (including Sky).

With In Touch Local Access from TRIAX, the bandwidths for the various user groups can be managed in such a way that sufficient bandwidth is available to all users equally.

All systems can be managed centrally from headquarters in Allensbach, and monitored and managed remotely by TRIAX Support in Berlin.

Up-to-the-minute information over digital signage

Special activities and events inside and outside the clinic, important information for patients and guests or the current menu – all this can be displayed in the right place at the right time via centrally controlled digital signs. Patients can be directed to the right therapy location via digital info boards.

Kliniken Schmieder were so satisfied with the implementation and the associated improvements to TV reception and WiFi services, that the solutions will now be deployed at two further sites at Heidelberg and Allensbach.


the-company GmbH
Planckstr. 17
71665 Vaihingen

Contact: Julian Tauer

Kliniken Schmieder (Stiftung & Co) KG
Zum Tafelholz
78476 Allensbach

Contact: Edgar Mattes

Karl-Benz-Str. 10
72124 Pliezhausen

Contact: Markus Jurdeczka / Stephan Dahms

Excellent WiFi for an idyllic holiday retreat

Æblehaven Resort

Excellent WiFi for an idyllic holiday retreat

Æblehaven holiday park, situated a stone’s throw from the northern beaches of the Danish island of Bornholm, had everything a guest could wish for – except internet access.

To satisfy soaring demand for WiFi, and to provide the opportunity for guests to cast streaming services to in-room TVs, a fast, modern hospitality WiFi solution was needed.

Wishing to avoid a costly and disruptive installation, the resort owners were also on the lookout for a solution that would make use of the existing park communications infrastructure.

TRIAX EoC (Ethernet over Coax + WiFi) was chosen to meet these criteria. It uses the TV cables already in place, resulting in:

  • Quick, cost-saving installation: no new cables needed
  • Reliable WiFi network for 70 holiday homes

“The EoC system is so easy to install. We’ve introduced a brand new WiFi network to reach 70 holiday homes, simply by using the existing TV cables.”

— Johann Karlsen
Owner, Service Centret Bornholm

Æblehaven Feriecenter, Bornholm
Family-oriented holiday homes idyllically situated in a former apple orchard in northern Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.

A total of 70 holiday homes for 4-6 people are on offer at Æblehaven.


Technical details

In collaboration with installation partner Service Centret Bornholm, TRIAX provided:

  • 1x TRIAX EoC Controller 64/4 – creating an IP network with 1.0 Gbps throughput over the pre-existing coax cables
  • 49x TRIAX EoC Coax WiFi End Points – transmitting WiFi and TV signals, with no need to retune the TVs
  • More End Points planned to be added throughout 2021 as more holiday home owners express interest in the service


Æblehaven Feriecenter
Æblevej 71
3770 Allinge, Bornholm, Denmark
email: info@teambornholm.dk
phone: +45 56 95 85 66

Installation Partner

Service Centret Bornholm – Johann Karlsen
Zahrtmannsvej 2A,
3700 Rønne, Bornholm, Denmark
email: scbornholm@gmail.com
phone: +45 56 48 08 22

IPTV & WiFi in three Spanish hospitals

Case Studies

Samsung and TRIAX solution keeps patients entertained and connected

Hospitals and patients benefit from IPTV and WiFi, with no new cables needed

Beyond outstanding healthcare, premium entertainment and WiFi connectivity are essential components of a private hospital’s offer to patients and guests.

To provide this, legacy technology often needs to be replaced, but without impacting the day-to-day operation of the hospital or its critical services.

Javier Alonso of Diconplaweb S.L. worked with Samsung Display Solutions and TRIAX Spain to carry out major refurbishments of the patient entertainment systems – without drills, hammers or any wards out of service.

  • Quick, disruption-free, low-cost installation
  • IPTV & WiFi over coax cables already in place
  • No disturbance to hospital staff or patients
  • Does not interfere with critical hospital networks
  • Outstanding patient satisfaction

“The TRIAX solution enables Samsung Smart Hospitality TVs to deliver interactivity and smart functions directly to patients, without the necessity of rewiring buildings and switching rooms off for refurbishment. That’s especially needed now during the COVID-19 pandemic, when all available beds are so valuable.”

—Piotr Lipiec
EU BDM Samsung HTV

Complete IPTV and WiFi system

Smart Hospitality Displays from Samsung Display Solutions provide rich interactive entertainment, also functioning as a private Access Point for patient and guest WiFi access.

They connect to a gigabit IP network provided by TRIAX EoC (Ethernet over Coax).

“The use of existing coaxial cables for the implementation of the system is a great advantage. Execution times and costs are considerably reduced.”
Javier Alonso, Managing Director, Diconplaweb S.L. (Installer)

A TRIAX EoC Controller sends outstanding, reliable connectivity around the hospitals’ existing coax cable network.

A TRIAX EoC MediaConverter is discreetly installed on the back of each Samsung Hospitality TV. It takes the IP signals in via coax, and provides the necessary LAN connection to the TV.

All three hospitals have been delighted with the high speed and low costs of the unobtrusive installation, which has been achieved without having to close any rooms or wards.

The hospitals can then monetise value-added IPTV and WiFi services by offering access on demand.

Combined, the technology provides all a system integrator needs to offer outstanding entertainment and reliable connectivity to the health care sector.

  • Quick, disruption-free, low-cost installation
  • IPTV & WiFi over coax cables already in place
  • No disturbance to hospital staff or patients
  • Does not interfere with critical hospital networks
  • Outstanding patient satisfaction

Installation details

Hospital El Pilar - Grupo Quirónsalud

Barcelona, Spain

2 TRIAX EoC Controller 64B (383105)

136 TRIAX EoC MediaConverter (383235)

136 Samsung SMART Hospitality Display

Hospital Viamed Los Manzanos

La Rioja, Spain

1 TRIAX EoC Controller 64B (383105)

60 TRIAX EoC MediaConverter (383235)

60 Samsung SMART Hospitality Display

Clínica HLA Montpellier

Zaragoza, Spain

1 TRIAX EoC Controller 64B (383105)

40 TRIAX EoC MediaConverter (383235)

40 Samsung SMART Hospitality Display

Installation partner

Javier Alonso, Diconplaweb S.L.
Avda Cesar Augusto, 3-5 D
50004 Zaragoza, Spain
Tel.: +34 687 90 75 47

Abba hotels

abba Suites Bilbao

Case Studies

WiFi & TV over the same cables

When Abba Hotels Group were planning to install both TV and Ethernet cables around their new 4-star apartment complex in Bilbao, TRIAX stepped in with EoC (Ethernet over Coax), enabling both TV and WiFi networks to run over the same cables.

Four months after the opening of the apartments, Abba Group reports that customers have shown great satisfaction with the WiFi and no complaints have been recorded.

Abba hotels

“The result of the installation is very good, the WiFi signal is remarkable and the casting system is working well.”

— Damian Melero
Chief Information Officer, Abba Hotels Group

Abba Hotels

The challenge

Abba Hotels Group was expanding into Bilbao with 35 newly built 4-star holiday apartments. These had to be equipped with telecommunications services.

Their plans had been to make two separate installations: one with coax cable for TV, and another with copper cable (CAT 6) or optical fibre for the Internet.

The solution

TRIAX Spain presented the EoC solution to Abba’s IT Director Damian Melero, demonstrating the versatility of the product and the innovative G.hn Wave 2 technology that steers the network.

The possibility of combining the Internet service and the TV network, as well as being a totally passive system, attracted the interest of Mr Melero, who requested a live demonstration of the system.

“The installation of the End Points with WiFi has been very easy, each one takes only 15 minutes.”
Damian Melero, Chief Information Officer, Abba Hotels Group

The results

After the demonstration, the IT team of Abba Group were able to verify the system’s excellent characteristics, namely its high bandwidth, low latency, and reliable performance.

The demo concluded with Mr Melero saying, “it seems you have the solution for my request – let’s do it with real guests…”

Only one coax cable network was needed to be installed around abba Suites Bilbao, instantly reducing costs and environmental impact.

A TRIAX headend was installed to handle the TV distribution, and a single EoC Controller steered a network of 35 End Points.

These provided reliable WiFi to each apartment, which could then be equipped with casting devices, a service that is proving highly popular with guests.

abba Suites Bilbao City Centre

The new abba Suites Bilbao City Center has 35 studios and apartments, fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy the perfect stay in Bilbao and to feel completely at home.


C/ Huertas de la Villa, 15
48007 Bilbao, Spain
Email: bilbaocitycenter@abbahoteles.com
Tel.: +34 946 46 50 55

C/ Casas de Miravete 24-B, 2º 1
28031 Madrid, Spain
Email: tdm@triax.com
Tel. +34 91 748 28 36

Sudersand Resort

Case Studies

Better WiFi for holiday cottages

While outdoor WiFi access points across Sudersand Resort delivered a reliable service, the solid construction of the resort’s cottages prevented signals from reaching guests inside their accommodation.

To satisfy increasing demand for quality WiFi indoors, Sudersand needed a solution that could be installed with as little disruption as possible in time for the new holiday season.

TRIAX EoC (Ethernet over Coax + WiFi) uses the TV cables already in place, resulting in:

  • Quick, cost-saving installation: no new cables needed
  • Maximum WiFi coverage: dedicated access point in each holiday cottage

“TRIAX EoC’s convenience and high performance make it an outstanding solution for campsites and holiday resorts.”
Anders Silfverlood, Installation Partner, Hoist Group

Sudersand Resort

Sudersand Resort, Fårö
Accommodation, food and activities to suit every taste, situated on an island paradise in the Baltic Sea.

“This is an excellent installation that quickly solved all the WiFi issues in our cottages for a great price. Now we want to roll it out to the rest of our resort.”

— Rolf Lindvall
Owner, Sudersand Resort

Sudersand Aerial
Technical details

In collaboration with installation partner Hoist Group, TRIAX Sweden provided:

  • 1x TRIAX EoC Controller 32/2B – creating an IP network with 1.0 Gbps throughput over the pre-existing coax cables
  • 16x TRIAX EoC Coax WiFi End Points – transmitting WiFi and TV signals, with no need to retune the TVs


Sudersand Resort
Sudersand 5650
624 67 Fårö, Sweden
email: info@sudersand.se
phone: +46 498-22 35 36

Installation Partner

Hoist Group – Anders Silfverlood
Box 6074
171 06 Solna, Sweden
email: info.se@hoistgroup.com
phone: +46 8 555 685 00

Chalet des Neiges apartments

Case Studies

Freedom to ski, freedom to surf

Les Arcs is a large ski resort in the French Alps divided into several areas. The highest, Les Arcs 2000, is home to La Cime des Arcs apartment hotel, one of Chalet des Neiges’ many tourist residences. With outstanding pistes and ski lifts climbing up to 3226m, Les Arcs is an ideal resort for enjoying winter sports as a couple, with friends, or as a family.

Faced with ongoing technological issues with the Wi-Fi around the tourist residence, and beginning to lose guests as a result, Chalet des Neiges turned to TRIAX and their innovative Ethernet over Coax + WiFi hospitality solution:

  • Fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage with 80 End Points
  • 1 Gbps network on existing coax cables
  • Quick installation, no disruption and minimal cost
  • Full coverage: no more Wi-Fi blackspots
  • More satisfied guests and an increase in reservations

Chalet des Neiges tourist residences
Chalet des Neiges consists of five 4-star and two 5-star residences established in different ski resorts: Val Thorens (3 Vallées ski area), Oz en Oisans (Alpes d’Huez) and Arc 2000 (Paradiski). The residences are carefully maintained and an annual work programme is established to offer high quality apartments for some out of season stays and holidays every year.

“We now have TRIAX’s EoC solution installed in ‘La Cime des Arcs’ but also in 4 other residences situated in Arcs 2000 and Val Thorens, and our guests are happy. TRIAX and the installers work as a team and provide excellent customer service — it’s their main strength.”

—Kevin Schoenauer, Operations Manager, Chalet des Neiges

Responding to customer needs

As a result of regular customer complaints about the service, the Chalet des Neiges tourist residence had to quickly resolve its Wi-Fi issues.

“TRIAX’s solution is a real competitive advantage for hotels. We only needed a day and half to equip 80 rooms with 3 technicians and install the EoC network solution providing a 1 Gbps IP bandwidth”
Olivier Favre Chairman, Courchevel Telecom

The TRIAX solution: speed quality, reliability

TRIAX’s Ethernet over Coax + WiFi solution was installed using the existing coax network, instantly upgrading the speed and stability of the WiFi, and eliminating negative feedback from guests. The 80 rooms were equipped by three technicians in just one day, without any disruption for the guests or to the residence.

  • Network signal received by the TRIAX EoC Controller (2x EoC 64 + Wi-Fi controller)
  • The Controller transmits the IP network through the existing coax cables
  • The 80 TRIAX End Points, installed in every apartment, transmit the Wi-Fi and the TV signal.

Installation partners

Courchevel Telecom
Olivier FAVRE
334 Rue Nicolas Parent 73000 Chambéry
Tél. : +33 4 44 88 00 21
Web : www.courchevel-telecom.fr