Press Release: NEW features for the TDcH

TRIAX headends: NEW features for the compact headend TDcH

Future-proof and flexible solution with multiple upgrade options

Hornsyld, Denmark, 20 October 2022 — The TDcH compact headend is now easily upgraded to support IP-In and SNMP monitoring via a new software licence (2.4.0). The software update also activates LED status displays at the inputs and outputs. The new version is available immediately and can be installed on all current and previous models.

The TRIAX compact headend was successfully launched 2 years ago. A highly future-proof platform, it offers great flexibility, with a range of features that can be individually upgraded (via software licences) to meet changing requirements. As experts in headend technology, TRIAX customers can be assured each and every TRIAX headend guarantees the same quality TRIAX experience.

“With the latest IP-In function, IPTV signals can now also be fed in and distributed via coaxial or ethernet networks. A typical application in the hospitality environment is the integration of IPTV services, which can be offered to guests as a programme expansion. In-house programmes with local offers can also be realised in this way and simply fed into the headend.”
– Diemar Rauch, Group Product Manager

The optional SNMP (Single Network Management Protocol) monitoring activates the function in the compact head- end and sends status changes via SNMP traps to SNMP-supporting monitoring software. This enables continuous monitoring, status queries and signalling even via remote networks.

The TDcH has been built on TRIAX advanced Next Generation Headend Platform which offers the full range of signal modulation options from satellite, terrestrial, cable, and now includes IP signals into QAM, COFDM or IP. For subscription TV projects a version with 8 CI slots is also available.

With its compact design, the TDcH can be installed in any 19” rack or wall mounted. Each headend is tested according to strict specifications and is delivered to the customer ready for configuration. Each TRIAX headend system can be set up and monitored via the browser-based management tool. To help deliver the best customer experience, TRIAX skilled team of support engineers are available to provide outstanding service for any installation requests. Regular updates and enhancements are planned for the flexible platform on-going.


Product experts in dialog: Explore the advantages and the new features of the TDcH compact headend.

The TRIAX webinar on November 8, 2022. Register now.


TRIAX is a global supplier of reliable, innovative products and solutions for the reception and distribution of video, audio and data signals. We merged in 2021 with Ikusi Multimedia, with a shared vision of being our customers’ preferred connectivity partner through cutting-edge technological leadership. Our Products are used in homes, businesses and operator networks by broadcasters, satellite, cable and telecom operators. Our Solutions combine our hardware and software expertise to deliver value to hospitality and related markets, through a partner network of system integrators, large installers and operators. Our combined company of 260 employees is jointly owned by Polaris Private Equity and Velatia Group. See for further info.

Tyrstrup Kro


TV just like home

Now guests control their own entertainment with TRIAX Cast

Charming Tyrstrup Kro in Southern Jutland are proud to offer a complete guest experience. However, they wanted to improve the in-room entertainment they offered, as many guests watched content on their own devices.

Therefore, Tyrstrup Kro chose to look for a Cast solution. With a reliable TRIAX headend installed for many years, it was natural to choose TRIAX Cast.

TRIAX Cast offers guests a true home-from-home experience by letting them watch their favourite content on the in-room TV’s.

The hotel attracts a wide variety of age groups and it was important that the system is easy and intuitive.

”We need something that works. It must work every single time, and it must be so that different age groups can also use it themselves. We shouldn’t constantly have to go to the room and instruct – and the guests can do it on their own with TRIAX Cast. We are very pleased with that”
Torben Schulz, Owner, Tyrstrup Kro.

Buchwald Radio installed the Cast solution in spring 2022 in all 27 rooms.

The cast solution is installed discreetly behind the TV’s in all rooms, and TRIAX CastLock protects hardware from theft and tampering. And it is important that protection of the components is part of the solution.

”It’s a problem when guests tampers with something. It doesn’t have to be children, children comes in all ages. Then we have the problem when the next guests have to stay and things don’t work. But this is secured in the best possible way”
Torben Schulz, Owner, Tyrstrup Kro.


"We have always used TRIAX. The support has been amazing, the cooperation is amazing. There is always help – always."

—Torben Buchwald, Installer, Buchwald Radio

Better WiFi – no new cables
TRIAX EoC also upgraded the WiFi coverage at the hotel to a Gigabit connection. This supports the TRIAX Cast solution with strong, reliable WiFi in all rooms, and it also makes the new Gigabit bandwidth connection at the hotel come to full use.

The hotel is always busy with an occupancy rate above 90% and it was important that guest services were not affected, while installing WiFi.

A major benefit of TRIAX EoC is that no new cables had to be installed. With EoC, the installation of the 14 WiFi Endpoints was easy and discreet, without rooms being out of service during installation.

Guests have welcomed the upgrade of the connection.

“The guests now praise our WiFi and it always receives top marks in our reviews, which didn’t happen previously”
Torben Schulz, Owner, Tyrstrup Kro.

"We shouldn’t constantly have to go to the room and instruct – and the guests can do it on their own with TRIAX Cast. We are very pleased with that."

—Torben Schulz, Owner, Tyrstrup Kro

Installation details

Buchwald Radio
Østergade 15
6580 Vamdrup
+45 75 58 12 33
Visit website

Tyrstrup Kro
Tyrstrup Vestervej 6
+45 74561242
Visit website


  • TRIAX Cast in 27 rooms
  • 14 EoC Endpoints and a controller
  • TDX already installed

New Barns Caravan Park


Reliable WiFi & TV for all

The outstanding natural environment has long attracted visitors to New Barns, a caravan park near Arnside, Cumbria, nestled in abundant woodland overlooking an estuary.

Yet it was just this environment that caused the park owners many technical challenges in providing park members satisfactory TV reception and WiFi connectivity.

Some holiday homeowners had installed their own TV reception equipment, resulting in safety concerns around the site. TRIAX IRS equipment standardised TV reception site-wide, while removing the self-installed equipment resolved the safety issues and improved park aesthetics.

Today’s park members expect good WiFi no longer as a luxury but an essential amenity, and this was not provided by the existing installation.

The TRIAX EoC (Ethernet over Coax) installation provided the reliable WiFi connectivity needed, resulting in:

  • Quick, cost-saving installation: no new cables needed
  • Maximum WiFi coverage: dedicated access point in each holiday home
  • Increased saleability of holiday homes due to improved infrastructure

“For the first time in our history we can firmly say we have a reliably fast service that works extremely well for all. The TRIAX equipment is second to none and certainly worth the investment.”

— Robert & Darren Barber
Owners, New Barns Caravan Park

“Good and stable… fast and reliable.”

“Without doubt far superior… we are delighted with the improvements afforded by the TRIAX solution.”

“The new high-speed internet is excellent. We currently have our TV and 4 iPads connected at any one time; the system does not lag or affect our usage.”

— A selection of quotes from satisfied holiday homeowners

New Barns Caravan Park, family run since the 1940s, is located just outside the village of Arnside, Cumbria, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


New Barns Caravan Park
New Barns, Arnside,
Cumbria LA5 0BN, UK
phone: +44 (0)1524 762213

TOFsat – TRIAX Optical Fibre Satellite

State of the art in satellite fibre optics transmission

TOFsat is the scalable system for reception and passthrough transmission of satellite and terrestrial broadcast services distributed over a Fibre Optic (FO) network, to a virtually unlimited number of homes.

It is intended to be used in multi-dwellings or multiple service FO networks.

All-round satisfaction with TOFsat

Satisfied residents

Low cost for almost unlimited access to all broadcast services

Satisfied house owners and housing associations

Reduced installation, maintenance and troubleshooting costs

Satisfied installers

TOFsat is the most competitive and complete end-to-end SAT FO system, with dedicated support from TRIAX technicians

Download brochure



Application examples
FTTH network in multi-dwellings
FTTB network to connect a multiple TOFsat headend with multi-dwelling blocks
Sat signal distribution in multiple service fibre networks

Products & specifications
Typical TOFsat system structure
OTX Fibre Optical Headend
OTO 32 Optical Repeater
Opto Re-converters
Opto Multiswitch
Passive FO components
Fibre Optic Accessories

The TOFsat advantage

Fibre cabling has some significant advantages compared to coax cabling in general:
  • Higher bandwidth — a 3mm fibre cable substitutes 5x7mm coax drop cables for transmission of the full bandwidth for one Sat position and the terrestrial signals
  • Allows enlarged cabling distances because of the low attenuation of a fibre cable – about 0.35dB per 1 km
  • Prevention of electromagnetic ingress noise from LTE mobile services, for example, and disturbance from DC potential and transient currents because of the natural galvanic isolation of fibre cables
High flexibility
  • Reception of the vertical and horizontal polarised frequency ranges of a satellite position, plus terrestrial FM, DAB and DTT bands over one mutual fibre line
  • Optional use of different LNBs: Standard wideband LNB, K-band LNB or dCSS LNBs for operator-specific satellite programme bouquets
  • Enlargement of the FO networks by active FO Repeaters or EDFAs
Cost saving
  •  TOFsat is highly competitive because it uses frequency stacking and de-stacking for the Sat-IF-High, -Low and TER bands using specific ASIC chips. Thus only one laser transmitter and one optical receiver is sufficient for one entire Sat position and terrestrial transmission. (Comparing frequently-used wavelengths multiplexing in alternative systems needs 3 laser transmitters and 3 optical receivers in the re-converter for the same constellation. This increases the cost on the reception side, especially if large numbers of re-converters are connected.)
  • FO networks require less maintenance effort, and also less power consumption.

Regional experts dedicated to your business

Our team of dedicated project support staff are at your side to provide design services, advice or technical support for your next installation.

TRIAX and Infrateq Group enter strategic partnership

Global agreement combines expertise to create value in hospitality and related verticals.

Hornsyld, Denmark, and Stockholm, Sweden, 19 April 2022Infrateq Group, specialist in professional project management and infrastructure fulfilment, and TRIAX, global supplier of products and solutions for the reception and distribution of video, audio and data signals, today announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement.

The agreement combines the companies’ strengths aiming to bring superior reliability, performance and value to the hospitality sector and related verticals. It evolves from the successful cooperation between TRIAX and Hoist Group (Infrateq Group is a standalone project management company, owned by Hoist’s former shareholders and management team).

We will enable our mutual customers and partners to benefit from an outstanding combination of expertise achieved through cutting-edge TRIAX technology and Infrateq’s proven experience in first class project management. TRIAX offers amongst others a brand-new headend platform, and EoC, an IPTV & gigabit data distribution platform using existing coax cables, newly open via API for specific customer needs. Infrateq has the experience and capacity to manage, deploy and maintain large-scale projects internationally.

In the agreement, the parties confirm their shared values of high quality, reliability, and innovation. These will be advanced further by combining know-how, training, locally based sales and support services and supply terms.

Annika Rydström, Infrateq Group CEO, said, “TRIAX is an outstanding partner for Infrateq. Their innovative IP, TV and data signal technology, along with their integrative R&D set-up are a key factor in helping us achieve our aim of building leading long-term successful and sustainable businesses.”

Ken Cordes, TRIAX CEO, said, “This agreement affirms the natural synergy between two quality- and customer-focussed companies, and we are delighted to continue our positive partnership with Infrateq Group. We are excited to see Infrateq’s infrastructure expertise broadening the scope and scale of our high quality connectivity solutions, bringing outstanding value to the market.”


For Press enquiries, please contact:

Paul Molloy
Chief Operations Officer, Infrateq Group
+ 44 78 24 141918

Jeroen van der Maat
Director Export & Global Alliance Partners, TRIAX A/S
+ 45 76 82 24 10


About Infrateq

Infrateq is a professional project management company. With our roots in hospitality, tech, and IT infrastructure industry, we turn our in-depth knowledge and long experience into a centralized and focused approach to project management, delivery, and maintenance. We work actively with our partners through every stage of their journey to ensure they can deliver significant results for them to build long-term customer relationships and successful and sustainable businesses.



TRIAX is a global supplier of reliable, innovative products and solutions for the reception and distribution of video, audio and data signals. We merged in 2021 with Ikusi Multimedia, with a shared vision of being our customers’ preferred connectivity partner through cutting-edge technological leadership. Our Products are used in homes, businesses and operator networks by broadcasters, satellite, cable and telecom operators. Our Solutions combine our hardware and software expertise to deliver value to hospitality and related markets, through a partner network of system integrators, large installers and operators. Our combined company of 260 employees is jointly owned by Polaris Private Equity and Velatia Group. See for further info.

IP-Out now available for TDcH compact headend

As part of the ongoing expansion of our innovative upgrade programme, the IP-Out software licence further extends the flexibility of the cutting edge new TRIAX headend platform.

Our latest software update adds IP-Out functionality to all TDcH compact headends, activated with a one-time licence purchase.

Stay relevant, serve your customers better and keep upselling:

Similar to all new features we develop for the TDcH, the IP-Out function is backwards upgradable on all installed systems, so you can serve your customers with future-proof, easy-upgradable headends for years to come.

Online Training

Join our technical experts at our online webinar to find out more about the benefits and technical features of the TDcH’s IP-Out functionality.

Wednesday 16 March 2022 10:30 am – 11:00 am CET

Register today

This major upgrade extends TRIAX’s cutting edge headend platform even further, with key features including:

  • Flexibility: distribute both modulated and IP signals in a hybrid TV distribution environment
  • Future-proof: no need for new hardware, activate IP-Out via licence as and when needed (for example if ethernet cables are added to a building, or new hospitality TVs or middleware are installed)
  • Compatibility: supports EPG and service discovery for all major TV brands and middleware, all via in-built EPG server

TDcH IP-Out licence

Article number: 418740

The licence activates the IP-Out functionality on a TDcH to a maximum number of 100 IP-Out services (TV & radio) or maximum output bandwidth of 850 Mbit.

For further technical specifications, release notes, and to upgrade your TDcH software to version 2.3 today:

Download Software

The TDcH IP-Out licence is available to purchase from today. For more information, reach out to your local TRIAX sales contact.

Find out more about the TDcH compact headend

Dive into the new possibilities

Download our brochure today and discover the new possibilities with TDcH including:

  • Integrated SCR multiswitch
  • Multiple language service
  • Multiplexing via IP Pool technology
  • PID Management
  • EPG Management

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All-new TRIAX Multiswitches: dependability guaranteed

Dependable, flexible, convenient

Every aspect of the new TRIAX multiswitch range is designed with installer convenience in mind.

It’s all backed up with the dedicated project support and service you expect from TRIAX.


Dependability guaranteed

Designed in Europe and built to last: a 6-year warranty is our guarantee that TRIAX’s core values of reliability and innovation are the foundation of our new multiswitches.



Flexibility at the flick of a switch

All the functionality you need in a simplified, streamlined range: every new TRIAX multiswitch has an active/passive terrestrial switch for easier stock maintenance and maximum versatility in any installation.


Convenience at every step

Designed with installer convenience in mind: we’ve packed our new range of TRIAX multiswitches full of features to make installations easier to check, build, expand and maintain.

At a glance

Quality, dependable products that last. Versatile functionality, making it easier to stock and select the right product for the installation.

Features and performance to match the most stringent demands and directives. Compact design and handy accessories to save space in even the tightest technical cabinet, for tidier, easier installations.

Excellent performance
  • Low insertion loss
  • High isolation
  • Low power consumption
  • RED compliant
  • ESD Protection
  • Earth Bars (UK models)
  • Easier to select the right product
  • Fewer products to stock
  • Quad and Quattro LNB compatible (5-input models)
  • Active/Passive Terrestrial Switch
  • Manual input, slope & output adjustment (PRO models)
  • Equidistant F-connectors on all multiswitches
  • Colour-coded input labels
  • LED power indicator
  • Flexible power injection (Cascade models)

Regional experts dedicated to your business

Our team of dedicated project support staff are at your side to provide design services, advice or technical support for your next installation.

Improved guest loyalty and dedicated support with TRIAX Cast

The secure way to entertain guests with their own content

TRIAX is proud to announce the launch of TRIAX Cast, a secure casting solution offering guests a true home-from-home experience while staying at hotels.

Satisfied guests

Meet guest expectations for up-to-date casting services

Improved loyalty

Guests will return for the best in-room experience

Dedicated support

Full training and support packages for installation partners

Satisfied guests

With today’s explosion in demand for streaming services, a straightforward, professional casting solution is an essential amenity for any hotel.

We’ve developed TRIAX Cast to improve hotel guests’ experience, by enabling guests to cast content from the streaming services they use at home.

Improved loyalty

Giving guests the best possible in-room experience, by casting their own favourite content, will lead them to come back time and again to the hotel.

Dedicated support

The high-quality TRIAX Cast solution is built on our newly merged company’s strong R&D foundation and customer-focused values.

Comprehensive technical training, pre-programming, project and after-sales support is available across our combined network, with regional experts talking the local language of installation partners and dedicated to their business.

A complete assortment of TRIAX hardware such as reliable WiFi infrastructure is also available to further enhance the installation and ensure an outstanding user experience.

Easy to install & privacy focused

Install and configure TRIAX Cast in a flash, using Google Chromecast securely attached to hospitality or standard TVs of any kind.

Guest privacy is assured, with every session unique to the guest, their room, and their device, and terminated at checkout.

Added value

New business opportunities provided by TRIAX Cast enable system integrators and installers to offer a complete hospitality solution, by combining TRIAX’s integrated platform of connected services including guest information, entertainment, and gigabit networking and WiFi.

Google Chromecast is a trademark of Google LLC.

Request a live demo

For further information or a live demonstration, contact us today.

TRIAX and Ikusi Multimedia transition into one brand

Two great companies becoming ONE even greater

TRIAX—committed to our customers’ success

Hornsyld Denmark and San Sebastián Spain, 4 January 2022

Today we announce the launch of a single merged entity and brand: TRIAX.

Following the announcement of the merger between Ikusi Multimedia and TRIAX, we are excited about this next step in our journey in transitioning the two entities into a single company that has a deeper solution offering to the market as well as a broader expanding global footprint.

The headquarters for the united organisation will be in Denmark with subsidiaries in 11 countries and partner presence in 60 more.

Group CEO Ken Cordes explains the significance of becoming one company:

“Having one name and one brand is the mark of a new beginning. By becoming one company, it will make it clear to our employees, partners and customers what to expect from us. Also, it will allow us to focus further on developing products and solutions for a rapidly changing market.

“Though the company retains the TRIAX brand, we retain the deep product and solutions knowledge that the Ikusi team brings. It is an exciting time for the business, providing our customers with broader offerings and support. It is a new, revitalised company, with shared values and individual strengths combined into one.”

Becoming one company

The rebrand of the company is an ongoing progress. The consolidated product offering will be made available in early 2022.

Chief Client Solutions Officer Alfredo Juarranz says of the transition:

“Becoming one TRIAX brand resolves uncertainty for our customers, while at the same time bringing them all the benefits of full access to our consolidated range of products and services. The new TRIAX global strengths will enable to us to innovate in new ways while maintaining our dedication to local partners.”

TRIAX Global Executive Management Team

The new Global Executive Management Team consists of Chief Executive Officer Ken Cordes, Chief Financial Officer Carsten Frees, Chief Product Officer Carsten Nielsen, HR Director Itziar Lasagabaster, Chief Supply Chain Officer John Berg and Chief Client Solutions Officer Alfredo Juarranz.

Außenansicht Studierendenwerk Mainz

Better TV for Studierendenwerk Mainz halls of residence

Studierendenwerk Mainz

More channel variety and cost savings

Studierendenwerk Mainz offers support to around 39,000 students in Mainz and Bingen. This includes various advisory services as well as the operation of refectories and cafeterias. In 10 residential complexes, there are also around 4,000 places available to local students and students who complete their semester abroad at the University of Mainz.

“TRIAX understands what is important. The expandability combined with the low maintenance costs speak for TRIAX headends.”

— Wolfgang Kerz
Antennen Redmann GmbH, Mainz

Modern satellite TV systems for all residential complexes

Studierendenwerk Mainz had previously been supplied with TV services via cable and satellite. In order to keep costs under control, the Studierendenwerk decided to modernise the existing satellite systems in order to save on cable fees. In addition, satellite reception via Astra 28° was made possible. As a result, a greater variety of programmes can now be offered in English.

In each hall of residence, a satellite system was installed to receive the positions Astra 19.2°E, Hotbird 13°E and Astra 28.2°E. The satellite signals are converted into DVB-C with a TDH 800 headend and fed into the existing cable networks.
Thanks to TDH 800’s pool technology and multiplexing, it is possible to combine TV channels from various satellites efficiently and cost-effectively in a few DVB-C channels, especially for more extensive installations. In addition, the distribution networks were reviewed, partially renewed and re-measured.

Wallstr. Sat-Aufbereitung

Extensive TV offer

With all installations complete, a wide range of German and international TV programmes can now be offered in all halls of residence. Analogue or pixelated television images are a thing of the past. The virtually maintenance-free TDH 800 headends, with their low power consumption, keep the operating costs for the Mainz student plant within limits. In addition, the monthly costs for cable TV could be saved.


Antennen Redmann GmbH
Weberstr. 2
55130 Mainz

Contact: Wolfgang Kerz

Studierendenwerk Mainz AöR
Staudingerweg 21
55128 Mainz

Contact: Jan Fischer

Karl-Benz-Str. 10
72124 Pliezhausen

Contact: Patrick Kohl / Thomas Pretz