Linux Platform Engineer

Published: 28. October 2022

About the Company

If you passionate about the latest technology advancements and strategies and you thrive in challenging environments with complex systems and diverse teams you can be a part of TRIAX’ continuing success story. ​

The ideal candidate for this role has over 5  years of development experience and is enthusiastic about the development on Linux platform.​

You will have a close contact to all colleagues in Group Development, as well as our subsidiaries worldwide.​

We are a multi-national company specializing in innovative and hi-tech solutions for video / digital signage reception, processing and distribution.​

We believe in proactively joining business acumen and technology in a flexible manner, in order to achieve competitive advantage today and market leadership tomorrow.​

Job Description

We are seeking a Linux developer that will be responsible for developing, installing, and monitoring the infrastructure, as well as collaborating with other team members to build automation methods and deployment procedures. ​

You will become an essential member of the team, treating every platform challenge as your own and fixing it properly.​

Job Functions:

Development, test and deployment of Linux applications in Linux platforms.​

Maintaining Continuous Integration (CI) SW build management, building servers and other infrastructure.​

Board bring-up including responsible for U-Boot.​

Fast prototyping and demoing of software solutions, leveraging open source projects. ​


  • Experience in languages as: C/C++, Python, Go, Bash scripts…​
  • Experience installing / configuring and maintaining services such as WEB Servers (Apache, Niginx), DataBases (MySQL)… e.g. automation done via Ansible​
  • Proficient with Linux platform recipes in Yocto, Buidroot…​
  • Experience with Linux servers in virtualized settings (Docker, Podman, ..) ​
  • Experience in Embedded systems by working with bring up of boards and understanding U-Boot in depth​
  • Experience with Git and CI​
  • Great interest and curiosity with the finger at the pulse at the Open Source world with projects like systemd, LabGrid, ..  ​
  • Familiar in Networking tools (iptables, HAProxy…) load balancing, firewalls…​


  • English ​
  • Desirable German / Spanish / Danish​


Work onsite in any of our R&D centers:

  • San Sebastian (Spain)
  • Hornsyld (Denmark)
  • Berlin (Germany)

How to apply

Send your cover letter and resume as soon as possible to Jesús Gomez Rio: Make sure to write “Linux Platform Engineer” in the subject field.