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Case studies

Find out how our seamlessly integrated TRIAX solutions are helping customers achieve their business goals worldwide.

First-class TV and WiFi for clinic patients

To make patients’ stays as pleasant as possible, the management of Kliniken Schmieder decided to equip all their sites with a reliable and future-proof satellite TV and WiFi solution.

Excellent WiFi for an idyllic holiday retreat

Excellent WiFi for an idyllic holiday retreat. “The EoC system is so easy to install. We’ve introduced a brand new WiFi network to reach 70 holiday homes, simply by using the existing TV cables.”

IPTV & WiFi in three Spanish hospitals

Samsung and TRIAX solution keeps patients entertained and connected: hospitals and patients benefit from IPTV and WiFi, with no new cables needed. Smart Hospitality Displays from Samsung Display Solutions provide rich interactive entertainment, also functioning as a private Access Point for patient and guest WiFi access.

abba Suites Bilbao

When Abba Hotels Group were planning to install both TV and Ethernet cables around their new 4-star apartment complex in Bilbao, TRIAX stepped in to enable both TV and WiFi networks to run over the same cables. Four months after the opening of the apartments, Abba Group reports that customers have shown great satisfaction with the WiFi and no complaints have been recorded.

Sudersand Resort

Better WiFi for holiday cottages: to satisfy increasing demand for quality WiFi indoors, Sudersand Resort needed a solution that could be installed with as little disruption as possible in time for the new holiday season.

Chalet des Neiges apartments

Faced with ongoing technological issues with the Wi-Fi around the tourist residence, and beginning to lose guests as a result, Chalet des Neiges turned to TRIAX and their innovative Ethernet over Coax + WiFi hospitality solution.

Rainforest Retreat

Set in an abundance of natural splendour, guests at Rainforest Retreat are offered an idyllic combination of relaxation and adventure. They still needed good Wi-Fi however, and were demanding better.

Hilton Garden Inn, Budapest

When Hilton Garden Inn underwent a major refurbishment programme in 2019, it wasn’t just the decor that needed significant improvements. A major upgrade to the TV distribution was required, to meet the entertainment demands of the hotel’s many international guests.

Hotel Inntel Rotterdam

Inntel Hotel Rotterdam

Inntel Hotels urgently needed a faster, more reliable Wi-Fi service to overcome regular customer complaints and provide for an upcoming conference. TRIAX Ethernet over Coax + WiFi was installed using the existing coax network, instantly improving Wi-Fi speed and stability, and eliminating customer complaints. The entire project was complete in just four days, with no disruption to hotel or guests.

Feldberger Hof

Familotel Feldberger Hof

On the lookout for a WiFi solution, Feldberger Hof once again turned to TRIAX, after their successful TV headend installation. TRIAX Ethernet over Coax was installed over a short period using the existing coaxial infrastructure, connecting 40 apartments.

La Casa Del Torrente, Corsica

Reliable, high-quality WiFi that keeps the whole family connected out in the natural environment of the Gulf of Porto, Corsica. TRIAX, together with its installer partner CORSICA SATELLITE, deployed the EoC solution to all the chalets at La Casa Del Torrente.

Private dwelling, Sweden

A quick and painless Ethernet over Coax + WiFi installation has transformed the networking at a private property in Sweden, satisfying the needs of the discerning private homeowner, and delivering a solution that would benefit B+Bs, hostels, farmsteads or similar guest properties.

Agape Aparthotel

Agape Aparthotel turned to TRIAX to overhaul its current setup and install a fully managed network over coax cables, with reliable WiFi coverage in every apartment.

Saltviks Camping

In summer 2018, TRIAX rolled out its Ethernet over Coax + WiFi solution to the huts at Saltviks Camping, Sweden. Each and every hut now enjoys a fast and reliable WiFi signal, overcoming many of the problems encountered with the previous service such as intermittent signals and patchy coverage.