EoC update - Licence Key Activation and Private Network Zones

New features for TRIAX EoC

  • Licence key activation and private network zones added via software update

TRIAX EoC software 2.7 adds further professional networking features and increases the flexibility of our Ethernet over Coax platform.

It’s available now for all TRIAX EoC controllers.

Partners and customers can download the new software by logging in to My TRIAX on your local TRIAX website, then navigating to an EoC controller in the Products area.

Licence Key Activation

This software update makes it possible for selected EoC features to be enabled for a one-off licence fee.

As our EoC platform continues to expand with more and more features, not all of them will be of use to all customers.

That’s why we’re introducing this highly flexible, cost-effective means to manage precisely the features you need, on top of our competitively priced base system.

Private Network Zones

This update makes it possible to quickly and easily create individual SSIDs across your EoC WiFi network.

You now have the flexibility to create private, secure networks for each individual apartment or hotel room, irrespective of the number of WiFi end points on the network.

Configuration time is significantly reduced: it takes just half a day to set up 100 private network zones.

Private Network Zones is the first feature to be offered through our EoC licencing programme. To activate this feature or for more information, contact your local TRIAX representative.

How to update & further questions

We have made a general step-by-step guide on how to upgrade the EoC Software:

How do I upgrade the software?

For any questions regarding the software release or the EoC product family in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to your usual TRIAX sales representative.

TRIAX Ethernet over Coax

Gigabit networking over existing cables

Use the TV cables you already have to run network services you and your customers can rely on. Installation costs are significantly reduced, since there’s no need to install expensive additional cabling.

The installation is quick and discreet, and you won’t even have to take rooms out of service.

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