TRIAX integrates Samsung Lynk DRM™ into its headends

TRIAX integrates Samsung Lynk DRM™ into its headends

Samsung Hospitality TVs used to display encrypted content within TRIAX’s seamless hospitality environment

6 February 2018

Hornsyld, Denmark – TRIAX today announced that Samsung’s Lynk DRM™ software is now available on its bestselling TDX Black Edition headend range.

The result of months of close technical collaboration between the companies, hospitality providers and operators can now securely distribute encrypted HD content from TRIAX headends around hotels or other establishments equipped with Samsung Hospitality TVs.

“We’re thrilled to be offering Samsung Lynk DRM™ on our headends,” said Thorsten Spanka, Chief Sales Officer, TRIAX Solutions. “Samsung’s software-based approach is secure, cost-effective and efficient, and content providers are assured that their premium HDTV services are distributed with the highest levels of encryption and signal quality by our headends.”

“It’s a pleasure to welcome the TRIAX TDX to our list of certified headends,” said Seba Yacoub, Senior Technologist Manager at Professional Display Europe of Samsung Electronics. “TRIAX’s reliable and innovative headends are an integral part of their seamless hospitality solutions, and we’re pleased that the Samsung Hospitality TVs now work in perfect harmony with them.”

A simple licence key is all that’s needed to install Samsung’s powerful premium content solution onto the TDX headend.

The ease with which it can be installed and managed on the straightforward TRIAX interface is also an advantage for hospitality providers, adding even more value to a flexible, fully-supported hospitality solution that improves guest engagement and maximises revenues.

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TRIAX is a global supplier of reliable, innovative products and solutions for the reception and distribution of video, audio and data signals. Our Products are used in homes, businesses and operator networks by broadcasters, satellite, cable and telecom operators. Our Solutions combine our hardware and software expertise to deliver value to hospitality and related markets, through a partner network of system integrators, large installers and operators. TRIAX’s headquarters, production and R&D base is in Denmark. With 9 international sales subsidiaries we operate in more than 60 distributor countries. The TRIAX team consists of 300 employees and is owned by Polaris Private Equity.  See for further info.

Fire safe cables

Fire safe cables

Superior quality cables meeting EN50575 standards

TRIAX cables are designed to meet the standards of today and the network demands of tomorrow, specially crafted and highly shielded to minimise interference.

We are pleased to announce that each one has been meticulously updated and rigorously tested to conform to the new EN50575 fire safety standard.

All TRIAX cables are fully tested and classified according to the EN50575 Construction Products Regulation, in force from 1 July 2017, so they:

  • Meet the highest demands for safety in case of fire
  • Are safe and suitable for all building projects across the EU and the world

CE marked

We are happy to assure our customers that all TRIAX cables are stamped with the CE mark, and the necessary Declarations of Performance are available for each product line.

The cables have been variously classified B2ca, Cca & Eca, meeting all statutory demands, and satisfying the recommendations of ZVEI, the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association.

For further information on TRIAX Cables and the EN50575 safety standard, take a look at our Cables brochure.