Agape Aparthotel

No more WiFi nightmares

To maximise guests’ comfort at Agape Aparthotels in Budapest, a range of amenities is offered in order to truly deliver a home from home experience.

One amenity above all is of critical importance – free WiFi.

With an existing service that was difficult to manage and the cause of some guest dissatisfaction, Agape turned to TRIAX to overhaul its current setup and install the Ethernet over Coax + WiFi solution.

After a rapid and disruption-free installation, the result is a fully managed network over coax cables, with reliable WiFi coverage in every apartment.

Agape Aparthotel offers over 60 serviced apartments of various types, located in a contemporary building at the very heart of Budapest, Hungary.

“It’s very important our guests have a free WiFi service that can be relied upon. The TRIAX solution was installed quickly without any disturbance, and has increased our satisfaction ratings. We no longer get any complaints about the internet.”

— Balázs Radó, Managing Director, Agape Aparthotel

Fast and reliable

For a home away from home in the centre of Budapest, Apage Aparthotel is one of the most popular serviced apartment destinations for visitors to the Hungarian capital.

Yet it was clear to guests, and Agape’s owners, that the existing WiFi service did not match the high quality of the apartments or the other amenities offered.

TRIAX was able to offer a solution that both sent network signals around the building’s existing coax infrastructure – ideal, since the building owner would not permit any structural modifications – and sent a reliable WiFi signal that fully covered each and every apartment, including larger ones with 3 rooms.

“Installing a TRIAX WiFi end point in each apartment really changed the game for us,” explains Balázs Radó, Agape’s Managing Director. “Each one was installed in just 15 minutes, so we didn’t need to have any apartments out of service. Our guest WiFi signal is now much stronger and more reliable.”

  • Fast, reliable WiFi covering every apartment
  • Outage periods and blackspots eliminated, even in 3-roomed apartments
  • Improved online ratings
  • No more customer dissatisfaction with WiFi

Before: a crowded WiFi environment

After: full, reliable access to the guest network with a TRIAX end point in each apartment

Technical details

  • Core coax network planned by TRIAX and updated with TRIAX RG11 cables
  • Network now completely independent from previous service provider
  • Existing coax infrastructure maintained in apartments
  • Internet signal received by a TRIAX EoC + WiFi controller, transmitting the IP network over the coax cables
  • Network configuration took 1 hour
  • TRIAX end points installed in each of 65 apartments, transmitting WiFi and the TV signal
  • End point installation took 15 minutes per apartment


Agape Aparthotel
Akácfa u. 12-14.
1072 Budapest, Hungary
phone: +36 20 932 7260